What is vectorsforall?
Vectorsforall is a microstock art site. Digital Illustrations can be purchased for affordable prices, downloaded quickly and used for your design projects. All in a matter of minutes.

What format are the images in?
All Vectorsforall images are original vector files and saved as Adobe Illustrator eps (version 8 or 10). You can purchase them as vectors, ‘Extended vectors’, or jpeg files in ‘Blogger’, Full size jpeg or ‘Extended jpeg’. Please review our Licensing page to learn more about licences.

What is a vector file?
A vector file is an image that is created using shapes and lines instead of pixels like a bitmap or jpeg. The advantage of vector files is that they do not distort when you scale them up, and you can scale them at any size you want. The Illustrator EPS Files are Version 8 or 10, which grants you a more compatible format, so you don’t need the latest software to open the files.

Can I modify the files I purchase on this site?
Yes, but any modifications you make will not transfer any ownership or copyright to you.

How do I modify vector files?
You will need a vector software program like Adobe Illustrator to fully edit the files on this site. However, you can open vector files in Adobe Photoshop to create jpegs or other formats.

Do you add illustrations on a regular basis?
Yes, you can see the newest images on the home page under Latest Images. There is also a twitter account for Vectorsforall, that you can follow to check for new images.

How do I buy files?
You can buy files as a guest or you can sign up for an account first. After that, simply add files to your shopping cart and checkout. Files can be purchased using Paypal or your credit card. After the transaction clears (usually immediately), a link will be emailed to you to download your purchase. You don’t have to buy credits and can buy products at the prices they are listed.

Do you offer refunds?
Once your purchase is made, we cannot offer a refund. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our entire digital collection of images and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned. On a rare occasion, we will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Are there any restrictions on my use of the Benchart’s Shop illustrations that I download?
Yes. While Vectorsforall offers great freedoms and a wide ranges of uses, we do not allow the redistribution of our images, or allow the use of our images within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format. Please review our Licensing page to learn more about licences, for other restrictions and uses.